The Story

The origination of the AG – Aktivgruppe is a story full of misunderstandings. In order to sort out all clarity, this chronology of occurrence during the origin of the certainly most gifted band of the world had been written.
Once upon a fall – it was in the year of two-thousand and three – it happened that two young talented musicians began a journey of musical enlightenment. One of them was a genius of language and the other a master of rhythmical sound production.
Since just the two of them covered a narrow acoustic spectrum, it did not take long for a left-handed cord virtuoso, a magician of deep frequency and a knight armored with vinyl and a diamond needle joined.
Their first brave efforts against the forces of disharmony had taken place in the profound abyss of the legendary fuel oil storage. The legend tells that smoking, open light and fire must not be.
After a brief trip throughout the rehearsal rooms of the country, they found the place of music, which let music sound as it should. The five resort to Hofer's Stüberl.
Their passion of expression through music formed the thought of an own piece of art. With some female vocal support Planetentausch had been made.
Courageously these five musicians played the stages of this world and formed their rehearsal room to an acoustic factory.
This was only their first step on their journey to bring sound to the world.

A full decade passed by with new ideas. They found new tones, new melodies: Yes, they got older and wiser, but not any quieter.
In their gradually growing studio they worked on new songs.
From time to time they stepped out to play their new tunes on one or the other stage to put their musical ideas to the test.
As it had been proven that also their new outpouring is qualified to entertain a grand audience, it was clear: Another sound recording medium should be formed!
Thus new songs got arranged, they recoreded, mixed, rarefied here and there until they were content with their new work.
In summer of year two-thousand and sixteen the time has come: The album Wischn was proudly presented in Gößl am Grundlsee.